Flu Season And Your Air Conditioning System


Proper maintenance of the air conditioning system that you have installed in your home is crucial to ensure optimal comfort. Unfortunately, a large percentage of homeowners fail to undertake air conditioning unit maintenance until they are already damaged and performing inefficiently. Proper functioning of your air conditioning system is very important since it determines the airflow in your home. A damaged AC unit holds the risk of facilitating the circulation of hazardous agents such as viruses and pollen in and around your home. Apollo Air Conditioning and Heating undertakes the maintenance of air conditioning systems with a keen eye and an expert touch.

Periodic inspections of your air conditioning unit are very important and more so during the flu season. An air conditioner that does not function properly can put the health of your family at great risk. During flu season, it is paramount that the air in and around your home be exceptionally clean and pathogen free. At Apollo Air Conditioning and Heating, we ensure that our HVAC experts have undergone extensive training that provides them with the right skills and expertise to handle multiple brands of air conditioning systems. We oversee the cleaning of all filters and ducts thus making certain that air flows through them easily.

We have invested in the proper training and equipment required to complete our tasks effectively and efficiently. By having a clean HVAC system, you can rest assured that flu season will be the least of your worries. HVAC systems are often breeding grounds for potentially hazardous pathogens such as molds and as such, the air within your home may be contaminated.

Flu Season & Air Conditioning Maintenance


All HVAC systems require a year round maintenance plan. This is necessary so that elimination of microorganisms and other contaminants can be conducted before they cause any problems. Our experts are extensively experienced and highly skilled ensuring that a thorough job is done. A manual will be provided to you that acts a guide to air conditioner maintenance.

Rapid and unexpected temperature fluctuations exhibited by damaged HVAC systems can affect the health of the inhabitants. This is more prevalent during fall and spring. To ensure optimal health and comfort, the system should be operating properly. Breeding microorganisms within the HVAC systems can be a source of respiratory problems.

For this reason, enlisting the services of professional air conditioner maintenance is highly recommendable. Apollo Air Conditioning and Heating operates on the basis of top quality customer service in this regard. We keep your air conditioner working at maximum efficiency to guarantee your well being.

Top Rated Air Conditioning System Maintenance Services


Our top quality maintenance services mean that your HVAC system will operate efficiently for a long time. Air conditioner repairs can often be costly and our work ensures that you should not have to face expensive repairs year after year. Protect the health of your family by taking proper care of your air conditioning system and guaranteeing top performance.

When it comes to air conditioner maintenance, we simply are the best in the Costa Mesa area. We only deal in the best chemical products for cleaning your HVAC systems and adhere to industry standards in terms of safety practices. You can contact any one of our expert technicians at (949) 835-5150 and get to know more about our operational methods and techniques.